AC Brea Club Teams

Please contact the AGE GROUP COORDINATOR (below) if you are interested in a tryout for the team or more information.

If you have any questions or cannot locate a team please call or email below.  If emailing please include your child's name, birthdate and previous team.  Team Practice schedules are located on the home page in a link under "NEWS"
Director of Coaching
Matt Morse
714 296-5888

Director of Coaching    Matt Morse    714-296-5888
Goalkeeping Director    Kevin Cralley    714-336-3962
College Coordinator    Shea Harwell    253-232-3066
Youngers & PCA Coordinator    Steve Tatone    714-457-8515
Strength & Conditioning    Matt Robinson, "The Factory Brea" 562-587-1220

2018 Training & Tryouts

Age Group Training & Tryouts - To tryout for an AC Brea Team please contact the Age Group Coordinator (AGC) for your child's gender/birth year
Dates, times, locations for practices will be given to you by the AGC.


AC Brea is excited to meet you, introduce you to our family and share with you our vision and philosophy. We believe we are doing something special in soccer as an integrated community based program that offers competitive club and recreational programs & teams

Join us at your child's Age Group Training and find out what we are all about and how, together, we can raise up True Competitors!

Girls Age Group Coordinators

2011-12 PCA - Steve Tatone, 714-457-8515
2009/10 - Steve Tatone, 714-457-8515
2008 - Noe Torres, 714-732-9150
2007 - Manny Amezquita, 626-391-5547
2006 - Luis Murillo, 714-644-0739
2005 - Marcus Rojas, 562-237-4623
2003/4 - Luis Murillo, 714-644-0739
2001/02 - Noe Torres, 714-732-9150
College/High School - Shea Harwell, 253-232-3066

Boys Age Group Coordinators
2011-12 PCA - Steve Tatone, 714-457-8515
2010 - Steve Tatone, 714-457-8515
2009 - Luis Murillo, 714-644-0739
2008 - Edgar Orozco, 714-552-9037
2007 - Claine Plummer, 626-627-9901
2006 - David Diaz, 562-217-3813
2005 - Johnny Melgar, 909-322-5866
2004 - Federico de Palma, 310-500-5890
2003 - Johnny Melgar, 909-322-5866
2002 - Shea Harwell, 253-232-3066
2000/1 - Marius Rus, 714-612-9239
College/High School - Shea Harwell, 253-232-3066

Goalkeeper Training & Tryouts
Goalkeeper Director - Kevin Cralley, (714) 336-3962

AC Brea Coaching Staff

Our coaching staff is totally committed to developing TRUE COMPETITORS. We look forward to working with your child

Welcome to AC Brea Soccer Club

Our Club Teams program was formed with the purpose of developing players both as individuals and as teams so that they can go on and compete at the high school, college level and beyond.

AC Brea players receive professional training from USSF licensed coaches, some of our coaches also coach at local high schools and colleges, and have played for competitive club, college and pro teams. AC Brea coaches provide each player with the training to meet the challenges of competitive soccer.

Our Club teams play in Coast Soccer League (CSL), one of the most competitive leagues in the nation.

The goal of our club is to field a competitive team at every age level, starting at under 8 for both boys and girls. AC Brea teams hold tryouts in the spring but many teams invite players to train at selected practices year round.  Most AC Brea teams participate in both the fall and spring CSL leagues as well as local, state and national tournaments.

AC Brea provides a full time Goalkeeper and Fitness trainer to work with our players year round.  We also provide 14 weeks of Futsal training per year.

Any questions should be directed to:

Director of Coaching
Matt Morse
714 296-5888