Meet AC Brea's own College Resource Guru, SHEA HARWELL

Shea is available to help your child find the right college

AC Brea College Coordinator & Tactical Director, Shea Harwell

Shea's role is to help organize and counsel coaches, athletes, and parents in the path to potential college recruitment.  Not all our athletes will play college soccer, but it’s our goal that they all have the opportunity to choose if they want to pursue a college soccer experience.  We provide the following services:

Services Provided:

We set Minimum Standards for High school aged teams to help create a vision for what our “athletic path” should look like at AC Brea.

AC Brea College Night:  We do a presentation on the college recruitment process and organize panels of coaches and recent graduated players from AC Brea. Link to Presentation

Individual Counseling for Players:  We meet with players on all of our high school aged teams and it’s our goal by the end of each year to have met with every team and personally given every player the opportunity to meet with Shea individually to discuss their personally future and opportunities.  This is one of the best resources our players have at their disposal, individual counseling in this area is difficult to find and expensive to pay for and our club provides this service to free for all players. 

Individual Counseling for Coaches:  We meet with our coaches to discuss their career paths and how to improve with licensing, education, and research opportunities.

We have created an AC Brea Roster Form for college recruitment.  The form is formatted with information the college coaches want when scouting players at tournaments, showcases, and at league matches.

We produce a monthly college recruiting newsletter accessed through teamsnap to the whole club.

We have only begun to tap into the potential for our AC Brea program and as our strong young teams get older it’s essential that we grow with the game to help our athletes reach the next level.

To schedule a meeting with Shea for your High School age child or your team please contact him at: