General Rules

Updated July, 2016

Players cannot play or practice without an original (no copies) medical release form in the possession of a team administrator at practice or game.

AC BREA does not allow for names to be placed on uniforms.  Players who have their names on their uniforms will be required to purchase a new uniform at their own cost.

All transfers, drops and additions must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Players Equipment

  • Shin-guards are MANDATORY and must be worn by every player.
  • Soccer cleats (NO toe cleats), or Tennis Shoes may be worn for practices and/or games.


  • Clinic & U8: The coach (or assistant) will act as referee on the field
  • U10-U19: Referees will be provided


Start of Play - All divisions

  • To start the game the ball will be placed in the middle of the field. The visiting team will call the coin toss, the winner picks the side to defend, the other team kicks off.
  • Home team selects the side of the field

All coaching is done from 10 yards of each side of the center line and two feet off the center line

Points / Standings

Clinic & U8: Scores and standings are NOT kept for these divisions

U10-U19: Scores and standing are kept in these divisions

  • Win = 3 points
  • Tie = 1 point
  • Loss = 0 points

Determination of regular season champions
If there is a tie in the standings at the end of the season the following will determine the winner:

  1. Head to head record
  2. Total goals for between the tied teams
  3. Total goals against between the two teams
  4. Goal differential overall

Ex 5 goals for vs 2 goals against equals a goal differential of +3 (difference of +5 is maximum for all AC Brea City league games). Intercity teams will have their own set of rules.