Thanks for stepping up to serve your team!

Updated July, 2016

A successful soccer season starts and ends with an organized and knowledgeable Team. A Team Representative helps to insure the teams are well run, well informed and take advantage of all the opportunities BSA offers to our players, parents and volunteers. The information below is just some of the information needed to get your team pointed in the right direction for the season.

Team Rep Responsibilities

Delegate when possible.  Make it a team effort.

  • Banner - the parents can make it or have it made.
  • Goal Can - have a can or container that you can pass around when your team scores a goal.  You can use this money toward team parties or things for the players.
  • Cold, wet wash cloths for half time during the hot months.
  • Communication between BSA, the coach and the parents.  Please continue to update your parents throughout the season.
  • Opening Day duties – Pictures, food, raffle tickets.  See Opening Day section below.
  • Team fees - no more than $20 per family, including the coaches’ family.  Collect up front, don’t nickel and dime people:

       Banner expenses

       Team parties

       Gifts for coaches


Uniforms and Coaches Equipment

  • Uniforms will be distributed at the Team Rep meeting in August.
  • We do "bulk" sizing.  This is the way most leagues do uniform sizing.
  • To distribute uniforms:  Line the uniforms up largest to smallest and the players largest to smallest, and hand out the uniforms.  Do not take requests for jersey numbers.  Players can swap for numbers and adjust for sizing after they are distributed.
  • It is very important that you make the uniforms work.
  • Some Coaches did not receive their coach’s equipment on the draft day. Equipment will be available at the Team Rep meeting for all those teams still in need. Make sure to check with the Coach of the team your representing to find out if equipment is needed.

Game Schedules

Game Schedules will be posted on the website.  Make sure you check the game schedule on the website before leaving for games.  Schedules are subject to change.

Be sure you check the Mudline before leaving for games: (714) 671-4437 

Player Registration Forms/Medical Waivers

The bottom of the player registration form is the medical waiver that is required to be signed, initialed, and dated by all parents.  If your player registered online you will not have a signature. Please review all forms and have a parent sign the medical waiver at the bottom.  Your coaches will have these forms for all players.

Live Scan

  • $17 and a drivers’ license.
  • Live scan will be available prior to the Team Rep meeting on August 14th. Live scan will be available at 6pm. The meeting will begin at 7pm.
  • Only need to do this once through Cal South.
  • All coaches, assistant coaches, team reps, team managers, team assistants must be live scanned with Cal-South.


Opening Day

Team Pictures - scheduled around games.

Do not distribute forms until 1 week prior to Opening Day.  Forms will be distributed when monies are collected for Meal and Raffle Tickets.

Have each family fill out the picture order form before they come to the field.

  • A basic package is included in your registration fees.
  • Parents need to fill out the picture form even if they are not ordering additional pictures.  Parents are to include money only if they are ordering additional pictures.
  • Information will be emailed to you with instructions/details from Artistry Foto.
  • Each team should arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time in full uniform.


Raffle Tickets

  • Tickets are $4 each.
  • Each player is required to either buy or sell 5 raffle tickets. 
  • Prizes include tickets to, gift cards to local restaurants, shops places of entertainment, etc.
  • Team reps are responsible for collecting the money from the players and parents.
  • Raffle ticket pickup: TBD – Director of Team Activities will email all team reps with date/time to exchange money for raffle tickets.
  • Instruct parents/players to put their contact information on the back of each ticket.
  • Winners need not be present – we will call all winners using contact info on ticket.
  • Raffle will be held throughout Opening Day.

Please Contact Director of Team Activities with any questions on anything above.