Apply for AC Brea Futsal League 2015 Spring Futsal

If you have any questions on registering a team please contact Matt Morse, 714-296-5888.

If you are an individual player in the U7-U10 age group and want to be placed on a team please email with the following information:

  • "I want to be placed on a Futsal team"
  • Player Name
  • Player birthdate & age
  • Where player played last season
  • Cost per player is $50 (includes t-shirt)

If your team wants to order the new "AC Brea Futsal" (see logo on this page) tee shirts please email with the following info:

  • Team name
  • Shirt colors
  • Shirt sizes (& numbers on what size - or indicate no numbers)
  • Cost is $12 per shirt
  • Payment must be made in advance
  • Order at least 2 weeks before the season starts.
2015 SPRING Futsal Dates
May-June 2015
  Division Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5 Team 6 Team 7 Team 8
5:30 GU11/04 G05 Marcus G05 Marcus G04 Rojas G04 Rojas Slammers Slammers JUSA Real  
6:30 BU11 B05 Diaz B05 Diaz B05 Diaz B05 Diaz B04 Keith B04 Keith Cosmos  
7:30 BU14 B01 Grubb B01 Grubb B02 Daniel B02 Daniel B02 Daniel B02 Daniel    
8:30 GU16/JV G99 Franco G99 Franco G00 Franco G00 Bernal G00 Marius G00 Marius    
5:30 GU9/06 G06 Luis G06 Luis G07 Luis G07 Luis Stars Shoup      
6:30 GU13/02 G03 Luis Black G03 Luis Black G02 Jordan G02 Jordan G01 Jordan G01 Jordan    
7:30 BU15/00 B00 Gedi B00 Gedi B99 Noe B99 Noe        
8:30 BU16/JV B98 Gedi B98 Gedi B99 Shea B99 Shea B98 Noe B98 Noe    
5:30 BU8 B07 Tatone B07 Tatone B07 Tatone B07 Tatone B06 Keith B06 Keith JUSA Sharks  
6:30 BU10 B06 Grubb B06 Grubb B05 Ivan B05 Ivan JUSA Verne Canyon    
7:30 BU12 B03 Tatone B03 Tatone B03 Tatone B03 Tatone G03 Luis G03 Luis    
8:30 GU18/V G98 Shea G98 Shea G97 Franco G97 Franco G97 Noe G97 Noe Sanger  

The 2015 AC Brea Winter Futsal League will run as follows:

  • Games will beging the week of May 11
  • We recommend you register 2 futsal teams if you have a roster of 11 or more players
  • Cost - 1st team $250, 2nd team $200 (only if you register for both at the same time
  • Cost includes referee fees
  • Season is 7 weeks.  Each team will play a minimum of 6 games
  • Games are 2 25 minute halves
  • LOCATION - All games will be held at Brea Sports Park - either field #2 or #5.
  • All games are on grass

CURRENT TEAMS - Updated 5-7-2015.  Day & Game Time (subject to change).  Open spots are open for team registration.  We can take up to 7 teams per division.


Team Registration Help

We recommened you divide your regular team into two teams and register 2 teams so you will have 6-8 players per Futsal team.

Info you will need If you want to register a team:

  • Coach or Manager name, email & Phone #
  • Team name (if registering 2 teams enter the name of the first team.  We will contact you to get the name of the second team
  • Division for the Previous FALL season (ie - BU13 or GU12)
  • Please include the level of your team (ie - Bronze, Gold, Premier, Tier 1, Tier 2, etc)

You can pay online with a Credit Card or pay by Check.

  • 1st team registration fee is $250
  • 2nd team is $200

You will receive a confirmation email with more information.  Once fees are collected your spot will be secured.


  • If you want to register as an individual please send an email to with your name, gender, birthday.
  • We can't guarantee you will be placed on a team but will send your info to our coaching staff for consideration.
AC Brea Futsal League
Spring 2014

The 2014 Spring Futsal league begins the week of May 5.

The AC Brea Futsal League is growing.  Last Spring over 75 teams competed in the Futsal League!  From U8 teams to Adult.  Be sure to sign up your team by clicking on the link above.

If necessary we combine age groups (ie - U9 and U10 will both play in the U10 group) and as we accept teams we will do our best to balance each division based on team age and level.

Game Schedules:

  • Schedules will be released 1 week before the start of the league
  • The league will run for 6 -7 weeks
  • Every team will play 1 game a week
  • All games will be played at the Brea Sports Park - ON GRASS so wear cleats.

AC Brea Futsal shirts for your team

  • If you would also like to purchase AC Brea Futsal shirts please include an additional $15 per player
  • You can choose any color shirt you want
Futsal Rules Video

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