Openinig Day Raffle/Basket Winners
Pick-up infromation
The remaining uniforms should be available for pick up from the Brea Sports Park September 14, Friday, 5:00 to 6:30.  Director of Team Activities will be located along Birch Street at the Main Sidewalk.  Raffle Basket Prize winners may also pick up their baskets at the same location this Friday, September 14th between 5 and 6:30 pm.  Here is a list of the winners:
Donna Pagett 50/50 Raffle Winner  
Hazel Perez Regal Movie Basket w/ Gift Card & Classic Coke  
C. Underwood Chivas Game Basket with Autographed Jersey  
Taylor Navarro Autumn Theme Basket  
Dale Worrell Hair Care Basket  
Shauna Sims Hunger Games Movie Basket  
Samantha Blair Date Night Basket  
Donna Pagett Avon Christmas Basket  
Sam Cheng Movie Basket  
Kathy O’Brien Popper Penquins/We Bought a Zoo Movie Basket  
Kristi Black Green Champagne Basket  
Alyssa Vesquez Disney  Basket  
Patow Family Breakfast Basket  
Jessi Solohie AMC Popcorn Movie Basket  
Bevin Handel Wine Country Gift Basket  
K. Yeoll Miscellaneous Basket  
Pettigrew Grey Ladybugs Basket  
Shauna Sims Family Outdoor Games Basket  
Unknown Pet Treat Basket  
Lori Marshall Green Outdoor Friendly Basket  
Kristi Black Popcorn Basket with Soccer Bow  
David Snapper Miscellaneous Basket  
Ron Moreno Green Basket w/ circular holes  
Kevin/Jacob Big 5 Gift Basket  
K. Yeoll Miscellaneous Basket  
Martin Jones Popcorn Galore Bag for Movie  
Samantha Blair Miscellaneous Gift Basket  
J. Clemmer Score Soccer Bag  
Mary Armas Playmate Soccer Day Basket  
C. Underwood Taps Gift Basket  
Monica Hernandez Tennis Ball Basket  
Andrew Trabolson OC Crusher Basket  
Pettigrew Orville Reddenbacher Movie Basket  
Craig Livingston Bath and Body Works Bag  
D. Harris Miscellaneous Basket  
Joy LaFranchi Movie Basket  
Evi Norikoff Small Black Halloween Basket  
Patow Dragons Coffee Basket  
Alyssa Frietas Date Night Basket  
Andrea Vivo It’s a Hoot Basket  
Clesceri Pinkalicious Gift  
Mary Armas Brea Plaza Movie Pack  
Benton Umbrella Chair Gift  
Kathy O’Brien Soccer Fun  
K. Yeoll Best of Brea Basket  
C. Underwood Miscellaneous Basket  
Don Paulson

Movie Basket w/ Red Vines

Congratulations to all!  Thanks to everyone for providing such wonderful baskets for your teams and coming out on Saturday to help Celebrate 40 Years of Brea Soccer!
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