This Class I & III tournament is open to all club, signature and AYSO+ teams Boys & Girls U8 – U19 from CYSA and all teams affiliated with USSF. Qualifying applications will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any application. All decisions, judgments and rulings of the tournament referees and officials are final. NO PROTESTS WILL BE ENTERTAINED OR ALLOWED.


• Teams will play in new age group for 2023-2024 season and must have approved 2023-2024 player ID cards and medical release forms.  US Club virtual cards will be accepted.
• U8 - U10 ages will play 7v7 & U11 & U12 ages will 9 v 9 with no exceptions.
• Teams must be affiliated with US Club, USYS/Cal South, and USSDA.  Players and coaches must have laminated cards.
• Unlimited loan players will be permitted with a maximum roster size of U8 - U12 (14 players), U13-U19 (18 players) with loan papers, if applicable.
• All USYS teams will need proper travel papers, when out of our region.


Rosters & Team Registration
• Teams will register a minimum of 60 minutes prior to their first game on the first date of tournament at the site of their first game.
• There will be no additions to the team roster after the team registers.
• Player cards or medical releases may be accepted later by the Field Marshal but only if player is listed on the official team roster at time of registration.
• At registration, a completed and signed Team Roster must be submitted by Coach or Manager who must certify that all players are FIFA and/or USSF 2021/2022 or 2022/2023 registered players. Team roster can be found under the link on the tournament page titled “Roster Form”. Please make sure you review and print the player roster and bring the completed roster to registration.
• Laminated player cards with photo and medical release forms will be required at registration. Each team must have a coach or assistant coach with valid coaching ID to play a game.
• No player may compete in the Tournament on more than one team.
• AYSO teams with AYSO player cards are accepted. Players from AYSO or non-USSF affiliated organization playing as a guest for a Cal South competitive club team must have a valid Cal South player card to play.

Check-In Before Game (After First Game Team Check-in)
Teams will check-in 1 hour prior to the start of each game at game site. The Field Marshal will hold player ID cards during all matches. Field Marshal will check all teams for proper equipment however the referee has the final say on safety issues. Coach or Team Administrator will hold Medical Release forms. The coach or team admin should return to the Field Marshal after the game to retrieve their player ID cards.


Game Procedures
• Player I.D. cards and rosters will be verified upon check-in.
• All teams must have a licensed coach and carded administrator at every game.
• All teams shall consist of at least seven (7) players. (6 players for U8 - U10)
• Teams must be on opposite sides of the playing field.

  • Home team has North or East side of the field to sit on.
  • In the event of a color conflict, home team must change jerseys.
    • Home team will supply 3 game balls unless it’s provided by the tournament.
    • There will be no coin toss, Home team chooses goal to defend, visitors get kickoff.
    • Referees have been instructed to start all games on time. No injury time will be added.


U10 and below
When the goalkeeper has the ball in his or her hands during play from the opponent, the opposing team must move behind the build out line until the ball is put into play. Once the opposing team is behind the build out line, the goalkeeper can pass, throw or roll the ball into play (punts and drop kicks are not allowed)
After the ball is put into play by the goalkeeper, the opposing team can cross the build out line and play resumes as normal.
The build out line will also be used to denote where offside offenses can be called.  Players can be penalized for an offside offense between the build out line and goal line.
Infraction By opposing team, restart with goalkeeper possession or goal kick by goalkeeper punting or drop kick.

Deliberate heading is not permitted for U11 and below.  Infraction: indirect free kick from the spot.  If it is in the penalty area, the restart will be brought outside the penalty area
NOTE: Drop ball for a suspected injury not resulting from deliberately playing the ball with the head.


Match Rules
All games shall be played by, FIFA Rules as modified by USYSA, CYSA-S, and AC Brea. The Tournament Director will resolve any situations/issues not explicitly covered by the rules. The Tournament Director will make final decisions relating to the interpretation of the Tournament rules. However, the Tournament Director may delegate authority to the Venue Director if the Tournament Director is not present at the game. Duration of Games by Halves, and Ball Size are as follows:

Age                       Pool Play     &    Semi’s Final               Ball Size

2006-2005                30 Minutes        30 Minutes                        5

2007                         30 Minutes        30 Minutes                        5

2008                         30 Minutes        30 Minutes                        5

2009                         30 Minutes        30 Minutes                        5

2010                         30 Minutes        30 Minutes                        5

2011                         30 Minutes        30 Minutes                        5

2012                         25 Minutes        25 Minutes                        5

2013                         25 Minutes        25 Minutes                        4

2014                         25 Minutes        25 Minutes                        4

2015                         25 Minutes        25 Minutes                        4

2016                         25 Minutes        25 Minutes                        4


  • In the event a Finals/Championship game & Semi-final games that end in a tie will go directly to FIFA “kicks from the spot” (No Overtime)
    • In the event of a 5 team pool, there will not be a championship game. All games will fall under the pool play rules and regulations and can end in a tie. There will be no overtime or FIFA “kicks from the spot” in a 5 team pool to determine the winner of any game.
  • Preliminary games can end in a tie.
    • All Preliminary Games will be called not less than five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the next game regardless of the amount of time played in each half up to that point.
    • Teams that are not ready to start at their scheduled game time will forfeit their game.

Player Equipment
• Shin guards are mandatory for all players.
• Proper soccer shoes must be worn by all players (those that contain a toe cleat will not be allowed)
• Players must not wear anything that is dangerous to himself/herself or another player (including jewelry)
• No player will be allowed to play with an injury which could be aggravated by playing or which, in the opinion of the referee, constitutes a danger to themselves or others.

Player Substitution
• Substitution by a team shall be unlimited but only with the permission of the referee.
• Substitutions may be made by both teams, with the consent of the referee, at any stoppage of play.
• When a player injured on the field requires attention, they must be substituted off the field of play, if only briefly.
• Substitutions shall be made at midfield within (10) yards of the halfway line. The substitute player shall not enter the field of play until allowed by the referee and the player substituted has left the field of play.


Scoring System
The 10-Point scoring system will be used.

Win = 6 points

Tie = 3 points

Loss = 0 points

Shutout Win = 1 point

Each goal scored = 1 point (Maximum (3) goals per game)
In the event of a 0-0 tie, each team will be awarded 3 points.
A forfeit win will be scored 1-0.
Any team who forfeits any pool play game will have all of its pool games scored as 0-1 losses. (At the discretion of the Tournament Director).


Tie Breaker*
If two teams are tied in points at the end of the preliminary rounds, the following tiebreaker procedures will be implemented to determine a winner:

  1. Winner of head to head competition
    2. Goals against
    3. Goals for (max 5 per game)
    4. Most total wins
    5. Most shut out wins
    6. FIFA “kicks from the spot”

* In the event of a tie between 3 or more teams, “kicks from the spot” will be used.


Individual player medallions will be presented to the champions and finalists at the completion of the championship game, team trophy for Champions. All participants will receive a AC Brea Kickoff Classic pin.


• Coaches have complete responsibility for the conduct of their players, bench, friends, and spectators at all times.
• Coaching from the sidelines (giving direction to one’s own team on points of strategy and position) is permitted, provided that no mechanical devices are used and the tone of the voice is instructive and not derogatory.
• Each coach or substitute remains within 10 yards on either side of the halfway line.
• No coach, substitute, or spectator makes derogatory remarks or gestures to the referees, other coaches, players, substitutes, or spectators.
• No coach, substitute, or spectator uses profanity or incites, in any manner, disruptive behavior.
• In the opinion of game officials, if a game must be terminated for misconduct of players, bench or spectators, the offending team can be suspended from further play and forfeit that game and all remaining games. In this event, all previous points earned remain as played.
• Any player or coach ordered from the field of play (red card shown or not) will not be allowed to participate in the next match as a minimum and if violent conduct occurs the player or coach may be ejected for remainder of tournament at discretion of Tournament Director.
• Two YELLOW cards during a match shall be ejected for remainder of the match and will serve a one game suspension. A three-point deduction will be given to the offending team for each red card (double yellow included). No protests will be allowed.

  • Any team refusing to turn over the name and card number of a player / coach / administrator following an ejection (straight red or double yellow) will forfeit the remainder of their tournament games with no refund.
  • Any player or coach who assaults a referee will be expelled from the Tournament immediately.
    • Disciplinary measures imposed by this tournament organization for inappropriate behavior shall not be limited to placing restrictions upon an individual player, coach, and spectator or team’s participation in the tournament. Such disciplinary action will be as determined by and at the discretion of the Tournament Director or designated Field Marshall and can include exclusion from further tournament participation.
    • Any cards issued will be reported to US Club and USYS in a tournament report and thereby to the home club/league of the player, coach, team or supporters involved except that all matters involving a referee assault shall, in accordance with USSF Rule II08, be referred immediately to USYS and US Club Soccer. The home state association and the home club/league of the player, coach, team or supporters shall, except in the case of referee assault, have the responsibility for imposing, should the circumstances warrant, additional sanctions within their respective jurisdictions with regard to matters arising from the tournament.


Inclement Weather
In the event of inclement weather, which the Tournament Committee deems as being unsafe conditions for the players and/or the fields, and competition can not continue:

  • Matches that are at the half time or are in the second half will have the score stand as final.
    • Matches that are in the first half of play may be shortened, kicks from the penalty mark, or other means, as determined by the Tournament Committee, may be used to determine winners.
    • If the tournament is cancelled due to inclement weather prior to the start of competition, teams will be set to play on make up weekend.

Rain out dates: Boys August 26th-27th, (Local teams may play on Aug 25th Friday) 

Girls Weekend September 2-3, 2023 

Refund Policy
• Full refunds will be made to all teams not accepted.
• Teams must drop in writing prior to the application registration deadline date to receive a full refund. Requests for withdrawals from the tournament will only be accepted from Administrators (Contact Person or Coach) listed on the team application for the tournament.

• Teams that drop after July 25th, 2023 will forfeit their entire entry fee.

  •  If the tournament is cancelled as a result of weather or acts of God within one week of playing, teams will play on the make up date schedule for the next week of originally schedule tournament.

Score Corrections
Coach or Team Administrators should review posted scores to verify scores are properly recorded and contact Field Marshal and/or Tournament Director immediately of any possible errors. The score card is official match record and may not be changed except under the following circumstances:

  • If Coaches/Team Administrators of both teams meet with Field Marshal and agree to a score correction, the Field Marshal will correct the score and other records accordingly.
    • If Referee verifies incorrect score was recorded, Field Marshal (with Tournaments Director’s approval) may correct score and other records accordingly.
    • Scores incorrectly posted shall be investigated by Field Marshall by checking original match record and corrected accordingly.


Venue Rules & Restrictions
• Smoking is not permitted in the immediate vicinity of any playing site.
• No pets shall be permitted in the immediate vicinity of any playing site.
• No alcoholic beverages shall be permitted in the immediate vicinity of the playing site. No person shall be permitted to appear on, or in the vicinity of, the playing site in an intoxicated condition.
• Breaking the law is under the jurisdiction of the Brea Police Department, not the tournament management team. Proper authorities will be contacted as deemed necessary.

** All games will be considered final and no protests will be allowed **