"I am thrilled and grateful to the board for the opportunity to take on this new and exciting challenge. I believe in a standard of excellence in all things and embrace a philosophy of fortitude where enjoyment, development, and competition help build a community based club environment. I also want to say thank you to Matt Morse for his continued mentorship and support through my last 8 years." - Shea Harwell

It is with great pleasure that after eight years as a part of our AC Brea coaching staff the Board of Directors welcomes Shea Harwell in his new role as Director of Coaching.

For the last 21 years Shea has gained coaching experience at the club, high school, and college level and brings a wealth of knowledge to the club. He has a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from Whittier College with an emphasis on Teaching and Coaching. Shea holds his Premier Diploma from the United Soccer Coaches Association and has for the last 3 years has been serving the club as our College Coordinator.

Shea is originally from Gig Harbor, Washington where he played high school and premier club soccer before attending Peninsula College and playing two years for the Pirates. He then transferred to finish his collegiate career at Whittier College, where he has been the Head Men's Soccer Coach for the last ten years.

Shea is married to Brianna Gonzales-Harwell and in 2019 they welcomed a baby girl named Liberty.

"I am extremely excited to have Shea Harwell join the AC Brea Competitive program as our new Director of Coaching. AC Brea Soccer will benefit with the high level of knowledge that Shea brings to us as we continue to grow and develop all our Coaches and Soccer Players" Luis Murillo, President AC Brea Soccer.

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Matt Morse AKA (Coach Juggles) has announced that he will be moving on to new opportunities and adventures away from AC Brea Soccer. Though we are saddened to see him leave we are also wishing him the best of luck.

Matt has served as the Director of Coaching and Technical Director for the last 14 years and has been integral in the development programs for our younger age groups as well as the creation of our adult leagues which has allowed many AC Brea alumni the opportunity to continue to play and grow in the game no matter what the age.

We have many fond memories of Matt and many accomplishments made possible by the leadership and direction that Matt provided over the last 14 years. AC Brea has embraced all of the following accomplishments due to Matt’s hard work and dedication: Sparks Programs, AC Brea Futsal Leagues, Summer & Winter Camps, Rec Plus, Dallas Cup Championship, US Club Regional Championship, State Cup Championship, California Regional League Championship.

AC Brea Soccer will always be grateful for the foundation and mentorship Matt Morse has provided to us.

Thank You Matt!
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The Mission of the AC Brea Soccer club is what we do…

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  • Creating an environment of transformation for our members* leading to perseverance, trust, confidence, & integrity in the game and in life.
  • Developing “True Competitors” through a process where Greatness is Revealed in Time (GRIT).
  • This happens through intentional coaching and curriculum, supportive families, along with commitment and service to our teams, club, & community.


We compete to produce those who can PERFORM with joy.


In our teams we develop PARTNERS who are teammates that Love one another


We raise up PLAYERS who have Peace in their decisions and abilities


Our programs guide every PERSON to have Hope in the journey


We take time to reflect on our journey together to understand where we have come from, what we have achieved, and look ahead to where we are going.


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